Seeing Black And White

David Bailey, Irving Penn & Helmut Newton all stand out of their iconic black and white photography, in which photos are captured in atmospheric ways. I always find that photos generally look better in black and white opposed to photos which use daylight as only means for light. David LaChapelles photography screams colour though block colouring, in a visual candy store concept, but these photos are atmospheric in different ways.
Gareth Pughs fashion collections usually consist of only black and white garments, where as other fashion designers couldn't even imagine using the same colour scheme for every season, year on year.
Black and white may seem the easier way in producing something, but can be and is the most difficult, as you can't relay on colours alone.
Below is my own photography which I've taken today. I'm not blogging these to show my own work, it's to show how atmosphere can be created from nearly anything though colour, and in this case, none.



So i have to admit I've totally neglected this blog, and I'm slowly failing in the blogging world. I was going to write about Sarah Jessica Parker and how she's been honouring McQueen by wearing his clothes to red carpet and fashion events. But to be honest I've lost the will to want to write an entry, to find the pictures and sort everything out. If I can't sort my own life out then I certainly don't want to even start on sorting a blog out.

Things are so unsettled at the moment I feel like I don't know if I'm coming or going, or if everything I'm doing is worth while, or what if it doesn't all work out?
I guess everyone has those questions in their head, but currently, I feel like they dominate my thoughts, and instead of inspirational ideas it's been replaced with a dust mist that shrouds everything.

The thing about been artistic is that inspiration does come and go and depression does set in. It almost makes me laugh at people who feel that McQueen was mad for doing what he did. But in reality it's a complete norm. It's nothing that someone could sort out, yeah sure a friend can talk to you about it and make you feel better, but at the end of the day you can't change it. It would be like putting out a fire, sure you can put out the flames easily but it's never gonna stop the fire and sort out whats feeding it in the first place.

When I do a photography project you buzz with ideas then act on them. After your finished you feel amazing and pleased with your work, but moving on can be the hardess thing ever because the fact is, you don't know what your going to produce and how well you do it.

I feel unmotivated and useless, i feel that without my art I have nothing, and now the only thing I have is music to keep me going. Moving back to a town from a city is the worst thing ever. Words cannot describe how dead my life is right now.

I feel like I'm living in limbo and it sucks

I don't know how people write a sentence while blogging, I think you can always sum me up in a sentence, but never sum up my thoughts.


Don't call my name, Alejandro

Today saw the premiere of Lady Gaga's Alejandro music video, directed by fashion photographer Steven Klein.
The concept in Gaga's words are:

"purity of my friendships with my gay friends and how I've been unable to find that with a straight man in my life".
"It’s a celebration and an admiration of gay love – it confesses my envy of the courage and bravery they require to be together,' she goes on to say. "In the video I’m pining for the love of my gay friends – but they just don’t want me."

With guys wearing fish net tights, high heels and enough clothing to cover the bare essentials I present Alejandro,