Seeing Black And White

David Bailey, Irving Penn & Helmut Newton all stand out of their iconic black and white photography, in which photos are captured in atmospheric ways. I always find that photos generally look better in black and white opposed to photos which use daylight as only means for light. David LaChapelles photography screams colour though block colouring, in a visual candy store concept, but these photos are atmospheric in different ways.
Gareth Pughs fashion collections usually consist of only black and white garments, where as other fashion designers couldn't even imagine using the same colour scheme for every season, year on year.
Black and white may seem the easier way in producing something, but can be and is the most difficult, as you can't relay on colours alone.
Below is my own photography which I've taken today. I'm not blogging these to show my own work, it's to show how atmosphere can be created from nearly anything though colour, and in this case, none.

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