From NY City to Abu Dhabi

146 minutes later and SATC 2 can be ticked of my list for must see movies. You would think over 2 hours of fabulous fashion would be enough but it's left me with wanting more. Chapter 2 of Sex and The City focuses on the positives, negatives and issues marriage/single life can face. One thing this film is defiantly not lacking is campness with over exaggrated plots and laugh out loud moments which make you want to burst out of the cinema, meet up with your gals and drink cosmopolitans till you can turn all the bad moments in your life to juicy gossip. Don't mistake this post as a movie review, see it as a fashion review and some of the best designer outfits to hit screens since The Devil Wears Prada.
Karaoke Chic - Samantha brings back 1908s wearing The Blonds for Noir Jewelry who have seen Katy Perry, Fergie, Rihanna and Lady Gaga sporting their collection of jewellery. Sequins always make the best disco nightclub outfits.
When fashion expressed individualitywith over the top accesories, studs and embelishments. Headphones may have changed over the past years to bulky black cushions to smaller in-ear speakers but I do love the originals. H&M love them too with their Fashion Aginst Aids fashion range for 2010 with zebra and gold covered speakers. All you need to do is look at Madonna's 'The first album' to see the inspiration behind Caries style Charlotte acts like vanilla against Carries statement dressing.
John Galliano for Christian Dior - Spring 2000 'newspaper' dress. Previously worn in SATC series 3.
The Carrie Bradshaw we thought we lost. Who else can pull off such a casual yet high fashioned look?
Fashion wars - Miley Cyrus vs Samantha Jones in Matthew Williamson.
Harem pants have been like marmite for this season, but love them or hate them, they are a must have for your summer getaway.

Where New York fashion meets Abu Dhabi. Carrie - Chanel gold clutch and Christian Louboutin pigalle heels.

Desert Chic has never been so appealing.

One of my favourite fashion moments from the film, who else would dress in high fashion for a camel ride?

My favourite fashion item from the film has to be the masquerade ball sunglasses from Chanel, seen on the SATC poster. The idea of creating sunglasses into a whole new accessories is genius, although putting these sunglasses away in your handbag is near impossible. But hey who said fashion is mean to be practical?

SATC 2 brings back more of the TV series that was missed out in the previous film. It also brings you closer to the gals lives and relationships making the film fun, fresh and fabulous.

Although dreams of living in New York city are still but a dream, watching the film gives you a feel of that cosmopolitan lifestyle with a soundtrack to transport you right to the city centre. So for now I leave you with one of those songs that make New York city a Mecca for all.


Philip Treacy

Born 1967 in Ireland, Treacy's haute couture styled hats have a clientele list from Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino to Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga. Growing up in rural Ireland gave Treacy all the raw materials to create hats with chickens, geese, pheasant and ducks. Growing up in a tiny rural village didn't stop Treacy's passion for fashion, even with little encouragement to continue what he was doing, apart from his sister whom embraced it. Treacy was 23 when he was summoned to Paris to meet Karl Lagerfeld which he then made hats for Chanel that season.
Treacy's style is all about statement pieces that capture the imagination of others, and creativity and ideas don't seem to be running dry anytime soon.

I've known that Lady Gaga has been a massive fan of Treacy's work for sometime now, but I was surprised about how many creations Gaga has worn. With a possible internship to work with Treacy on the line, it sounds like it won't be too soon until we see the first collection of Gaga fashion.

To vist Treay's website vist: http://www.philiptreacy.co.uk/ for new collection, videos and more.


Alex Box

It's been a pretty hectic week, travelling back and forth on trains after trains, but being on a train by yourself gives you time to think. I'm talking about in depth thinking, the time that I normally spend before going to bed, what to do tomorrow, where to lead my life next, I usually spend up to an hour just thinking. I spend days soaking up information and nights arranging it, I could achieve so much more with my life if I can find a way to access this information, I guess we all could but that's what so good about a blog right?

Yes my posts may not be the most up-to-date fashion news or latest trends, but what it does do is act as visual collection, I'm precise about which images I use, and although I may not realise why I've chosen a certain image, I can usually work backwards.

The main reason for doing fashion at university for me, is to learn about the fashion world so nearly everything I hear or see is something new. I had the choice between art and fashion, I would have loved to be an art student with your own personal workspace, materials, paint sculptures whatever you want to do. But that isn't practical. I want to learn about something that I've always been interested in, I've just not necessarily noticed it.
This post features a selection of photos by Rankin styled by Alex Box. I feel ignorant in not knowing who Alex was, I've been a massive fan of her work but never realised it. I looked at one of my style magazines and fell in love with the front cover of course it was Alex's work and it's weird when you read a magazine and you notice names that previously you would have ignored completely.

If blog posts ever inspire you it's now.

To see more of Alex's work visit: http://www.rankin.co.uk/portfolio/alexbox


MAC 2010

Terence Koh, born 1977 has experimented with printing, photography, sculpture, performances and installations. Although his name may not be instantly recognizable for everyone, one things for sure, you would reconsise his work. For the 2010 MAC campaign to raise money and awareness of HIV Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper teamed up to create a shade of lipstick that would be sold in MAC stores and departments. Both shades of lipsticks resemble each artist with Lady Gaga wanting to create a shade of red similar to the one that she used to wear, creating a shade that makes you feel good about yourself.
The promotion of this campaign can be seen in magazine and billboards, along with a special performance with Lady Gaga and Terence Koh which has been edited together to create an artist short film: Video seen below.
Another creation to come from the partnership of Koh and Gaga is this fashion styled outfit. Everything from underwear, to outerwear, makeup and hair, the styling of this outfit with little integrated styled elements works well, and the combination of fashion and art once more becomes a triumph.
I was looking from the web for inspiration and looked into a fashion design I came to know from Gagas Monster Ball, Charlie Le Mindu. Charlie's fashion shows are about as dramatic as an Alexander McQueen or Gareth Pugh show and the outfits are just as over the top. Looking through Kohs work I found this sculpture that resembles Charlie's work and looks like a Gaga potential outfit.

Yes, both fashion designer and artist have worked with Gaga and this triangle based relationship works on so many levels, it's just a matter of time before all three combine to create a new media and reinvent something completely different.

Terence Koh website: http://www.asianpunkboy.com


10 Fashion Gods

For the last couple of days I've been on train after train, travelling around all over the place. I stopped to do some much needed magazine shopping and came across a couple of magazines of interest. UK and US Vogue and Elle were available as usual, but I was looking for a magazine along the routes of I-D and Dazed and Confused. After browsing for what seemed like hours I finally settled on 10 magazine, although I chose to ignore the £6.95 price attached. This is the first time I've purchased this magazine and I'm glad I did as it commemorates 10's 10th anniversary.
The issue, '10 fashion gods about their woman' focuses on designers Alber Elbaz, Azzedine Alaia, Dolce & Gabbana, Donatella Versace, Helmut Lang, John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford and Vivienna Westwood. The issue is full of photo shoots, interviews, biographies'', 10 Ideas, 10 Commandments and pretty much anything that '10' can fit in.
When I buy a magazine I have to admit, I do look at all the fashion promotion first and I usually judge buying the magazine for that, or for it's photo storeys. The second main reason for buying this magazine is my instant love of the new fashion campaign from Alexander McQueen. colours are juicy, vibrant and the textiles and patterns are just to be admired.

Flicking through the magazine I also came across a new fashion photographer, Michel Comte. The photo shoot is a visual masterpiece, each model is shot on on a black background and all draped in long almost sheer fabric. Light shines behind each model creating a silhouette which adding a splash of colour to this seemly black and white photograph. This photo collection has replaced some of my favourite shoots, I love everything about it, if the the latest issue doesn't interest you at all, buy it for these photos.
Below is an example of Comtes' work. I've chosen this photo as the tones and colours make such a dramatic impact within the photo.

If your thinking of buying 10 magazine, (which i suggest you do) you can visit http://www.10magazine.com/tenwomen.html. Remember this is more of a specialist magazine so you won't find it in your local supermarket.
And to view some of Michels' work, visit http://www.michelcomte.org/index.php/home.html and from their you can view a selection of his work from editorial, to nudes, portraits and fashion.


Techno Fashion

Fashion is about to indulge and immerse it's self in wearable technology. CuteCircuit is a London based company which they describe their clothing as 'innovative intelligent clothing that integrate new functionalities into fashion through the use of smart textiles and micro electronics' . Katy Perry lit up the red carpet which her light-up dress to the NY Met Gala.

Other celebrities to embark in technology is Imogen Heap and her 'Twitter dress' which she wore to the Grammys that displayed her fans 'tweets' on her necklace, along with her i-phone showing images. In 2007 Hussein Chalayan showed his Spring/Summer collection including this technological dress in which the panels that make the dress rise to change the design completely. Known for his architectural designs he has always been ahead of his time, and it seems that fashion may be starting to catch up and embark in the architectural world that fashion can be.
Lady Gagas UK Monster Ball Tour saw the unveiling of 'The Living Dress', designed and made by the Haus of Gaga. The dress consists of numerous paneling that moves each element of this dress at different times. Also worn of the Johnathan Ross show, this dress in action is not to be missed and looks even more fabulous in video. We have all seen the digital belts that display messages and t-shirts with panels on, but in the celebrity culture we live in, it seems that many retail shops look to red carpets for inspiration, so who knows, maybe next year we will see the first range of technology fashion in Topshop?, maybe not...


Carrie On

Are you about to Carrie on in May? Sex and the City is soon about to grace the cover of magazines, movie reviews and the online debate that is shaping fashion as we know it. Carrie Bradshaw has already paved the way of new fashion trends, and with the latest film just weeks away, it seems like everyone from fashion designers to editors are looking for a piece of the action. Stylist Patricia Field is responsible for SATC creations along with US hit Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada. The recogntion of her work has come from numerous awards and nominations from Academy, BAFTA, costumes designers guild and multiple Emmy awards.
Your fashion soundtrack for the summer comes out May 25th in the form of Sex and the City 2. You can listen to a preview of the soundtrack now with Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis singing 'Love if your colour' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpPNlFthg1o


Hidden Meanings

I feel like I haven't done anything meaningful in ages, which to be honest I haven't. I woke up today to find an email from a manager from Orange Rockcorps, wanting to me to advertise a promotion on potentially winning free concert tickets, if you give up just 4 hours of your time to help out. The schemes actually really good, I've heard of it before after seeing one of their concerts on the TV and I'm thinking that I might volunteer somewhere I mean some only need 1 hour a week. And if it's helping out somebody else then it's better than doing nothing stuck in your flat.
So after looking through a list of places to get involved I saw an 'online cyber mentor', in which you help other people your age and below through bullying problems. I then saw an 'online exhibition' on their website to raise money, the photos were heavy on styling and makeup so I immediately investigated. The photos work really well in with their title 'hidden meanings', I do find some of them to be quite literal, and I'm thinking it would good if their was a mixture of photos where nothing seemed wrong, to be that's a hidden meaning.

I was also surprised to find that the creator of these was from the same university as me, it's weird how things can link up so easily!!
So I'd thought I'd share some of Fenella's Make-up & Hair photography.

Email contact for Fenella's Make-up & Hair: fenellasmakeup@googlemail.com.
Full online exhibition: http://www.antibullyingexhibition.co.uk/about.html

And finally if you want to volunteer with Orange Rockcorps head over to their website: http://www.orangerockcorps.co.uk/
Might be the best thing you've done, you can give to the community and you can take away some great experiences and much needed references for that important job!!

'You wanna be on top?'

It's not every day you get a 19 year old doing a Miley Cyrus themed post, but her latest video for 'Can't be tamed' brought my attention to the styling. Stylist Simone Harouche is responsible for the visually stunning, bird like creations which has gone accessories crazy. The focus of this post is Mileys dress below, shot with her on a bed of peacock feathers. This shot immediately got my attention as it reminded me of a photo for Americas Next Top Model with model Tyra Banks. Putting the two together makes the similarities quite obvious.

Over the Easter holiday I got the chance to look through Libertys London which always confusing me to why there are so little customers. I saw a dress similar to these and what I always throughout to be glass or plastic, were actually thousands of large sequins, all bent and creased up. It's amazing how something so simple and cheap can become something of high expensive.

If you haven't already watched the video you can do so by copying this link:

Just a quick update for this post, was just watching Adam Lamberts video 'for your entertainment' and saw this dress pop up a few times. It seems that everyone wants a part of this mirrored dress.


Wild things

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I've just finished watching 'Where the wild things are' and I could'nt help but think of Chanels Fall 2010 collection. If you havn't watched this catwalk show you should, the stage design is to be admired and I love the whole 'walking on water' idea.

Costume design by Casey Storm

Chanel Fall 2010

From America to Japan

I re-visited Vogues December 09 issue shoot 'little girl and boy lost', shot by Annie Leibovitz. The Hansel and Gretel inspired shoot featuring Lily Cole, Andrew Garfield and Lady Gaga captures the essence of Leibovitzs' style.
I managed to grab hold of this issue after frantically searching, it didn't help that the only known place to me that sold American Vogue was shutting down, and the last issue to come in was November.

I've just stumbled on photos by Nobuyoshi Araki from Japanese Vogue, and although these photos stand up by themselves, the post editing brings the photos to life with a touch of paint.