Hidden Meanings

I feel like I haven't done anything meaningful in ages, which to be honest I haven't. I woke up today to find an email from a manager from Orange Rockcorps, wanting to me to advertise a promotion on potentially winning free concert tickets, if you give up just 4 hours of your time to help out. The schemes actually really good, I've heard of it before after seeing one of their concerts on the TV and I'm thinking that I might volunteer somewhere I mean some only need 1 hour a week. And if it's helping out somebody else then it's better than doing nothing stuck in your flat.
So after looking through a list of places to get involved I saw an 'online cyber mentor', in which you help other people your age and below through bullying problems. I then saw an 'online exhibition' on their website to raise money, the photos were heavy on styling and makeup so I immediately investigated. The photos work really well in with their title 'hidden meanings', I do find some of them to be quite literal, and I'm thinking it would good if their was a mixture of photos where nothing seemed wrong, to be that's a hidden meaning.

I was also surprised to find that the creator of these was from the same university as me, it's weird how things can link up so easily!!
So I'd thought I'd share some of Fenella's Make-up & Hair photography.

Email contact for Fenella's Make-up & Hair: fenellasmakeup@googlemail.com.
Full online exhibition: http://www.antibullyingexhibition.co.uk/about.html

And finally if you want to volunteer with Orange Rockcorps head over to their website: http://www.orangerockcorps.co.uk/
Might be the best thing you've done, you can give to the community and you can take away some great experiences and much needed references for that important job!!

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