'You wanna be on top?'

It's not every day you get a 19 year old doing a Miley Cyrus themed post, but her latest video for 'Can't be tamed' brought my attention to the styling. Stylist Simone Harouche is responsible for the visually stunning, bird like creations which has gone accessories crazy. The focus of this post is Mileys dress below, shot with her on a bed of peacock feathers. This shot immediately got my attention as it reminded me of a photo for Americas Next Top Model with model Tyra Banks. Putting the two together makes the similarities quite obvious.

Over the Easter holiday I got the chance to look through Libertys London which always confusing me to why there are so little customers. I saw a dress similar to these and what I always throughout to be glass or plastic, were actually thousands of large sequins, all bent and creased up. It's amazing how something so simple and cheap can become something of high expensive.

If you haven't already watched the video you can do so by copying this link:

Just a quick update for this post, was just watching Adam Lamberts video 'for your entertainment' and saw this dress pop up a few times. It seems that everyone wants a part of this mirrored dress.

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