Philip Treacy

Born 1967 in Ireland, Treacy's haute couture styled hats have a clientele list from Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino to Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga. Growing up in rural Ireland gave Treacy all the raw materials to create hats with chickens, geese, pheasant and ducks. Growing up in a tiny rural village didn't stop Treacy's passion for fashion, even with little encouragement to continue what he was doing, apart from his sister whom embraced it. Treacy was 23 when he was summoned to Paris to meet Karl Lagerfeld which he then made hats for Chanel that season.
Treacy's style is all about statement pieces that capture the imagination of others, and creativity and ideas don't seem to be running dry anytime soon.

I've known that Lady Gaga has been a massive fan of Treacy's work for sometime now, but I was surprised about how many creations Gaga has worn. With a possible internship to work with Treacy on the line, it sounds like it won't be too soon until we see the first collection of Gaga fashion.

To vist Treay's website vist: http://www.philiptreacy.co.uk/ for new collection, videos and more.

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