MAC 2010

Terence Koh, born 1977 has experimented with printing, photography, sculpture, performances and installations. Although his name may not be instantly recognizable for everyone, one things for sure, you would reconsise his work. For the 2010 MAC campaign to raise money and awareness of HIV Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper teamed up to create a shade of lipstick that would be sold in MAC stores and departments. Both shades of lipsticks resemble each artist with Lady Gaga wanting to create a shade of red similar to the one that she used to wear, creating a shade that makes you feel good about yourself.
The promotion of this campaign can be seen in magazine and billboards, along with a special performance with Lady Gaga and Terence Koh which has been edited together to create an artist short film: Video seen below.
Another creation to come from the partnership of Koh and Gaga is this fashion styled outfit. Everything from underwear, to outerwear, makeup and hair, the styling of this outfit with little integrated styled elements works well, and the combination of fashion and art once more becomes a triumph.
I was looking from the web for inspiration and looked into a fashion design I came to know from Gagas Monster Ball, Charlie Le Mindu. Charlie's fashion shows are about as dramatic as an Alexander McQueen or Gareth Pugh show and the outfits are just as over the top. Looking through Kohs work I found this sculpture that resembles Charlie's work and looks like a Gaga potential outfit.

Yes, both fashion designer and artist have worked with Gaga and this triangle based relationship works on so many levels, it's just a matter of time before all three combine to create a new media and reinvent something completely different.

Terence Koh website: http://www.asianpunkboy.com


  1. The beads on the models face in the 2nd pic definetly make me feel a bit weird...it reminds me of this man i always used to see with something on his face me and my sister used to call the strawberry face man! Interesting images :) xxx

  2. p.s- gaga's voice has definetly defintetly improved since i saw her !!