Techno Fashion

Fashion is about to indulge and immerse it's self in wearable technology. CuteCircuit is a London based company which they describe their clothing as 'innovative intelligent clothing that integrate new functionalities into fashion through the use of smart textiles and micro electronics' . Katy Perry lit up the red carpet which her light-up dress to the NY Met Gala.

Other celebrities to embark in technology is Imogen Heap and her 'Twitter dress' which she wore to the Grammys that displayed her fans 'tweets' on her necklace, along with her i-phone showing images. In 2007 Hussein Chalayan showed his Spring/Summer collection including this technological dress in which the panels that make the dress rise to change the design completely. Known for his architectural designs he has always been ahead of his time, and it seems that fashion may be starting to catch up and embark in the architectural world that fashion can be.
Lady Gagas UK Monster Ball Tour saw the unveiling of 'The Living Dress', designed and made by the Haus of Gaga. The dress consists of numerous paneling that moves each element of this dress at different times. Also worn of the Johnathan Ross show, this dress in action is not to be missed and looks even more fabulous in video. We have all seen the digital belts that display messages and t-shirts with panels on, but in the celebrity culture we live in, it seems that many retail shops look to red carpets for inspiration, so who knows, maybe next year we will see the first range of technology fashion in Topshop?, maybe not...

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