Golden Eagles to Golden Lions

It's hard to believe that nearly 5 months have passed since McQueen committed suicide. Despite what some have said, McQueens name and brand continues to live on without him. Visitors to the Hampton Court Palace Flower show will be able to see a flower that was personally chosen by himself, to give to his friend Isabella Blow named Alexander's Issie.
McQueens Fall 2010 collection was his final to be designed by himself before he passed and was shown to a small audience rather than a catwalk show. With bright golden tones and rich red velvet fabrics McQueen designed a collection that was fit for royalty with a theme around a golden eagle.
Moving on 4 months and Chanel have shown their Fall/Winter 2011 collection that I can't help but see the similarities to. Lagerfeld used a golden lion to center the catwalk with designs that used similar golden embroidery and red fabrics similar to McQueen.
McQueen has always been known to set trends and it seems that Lagerfeld is picking up on this hot trend.

A/W this and next uses gold as a key colour while using accessories to enhance the look. When shopping for trends think embroidered fabrics and tapestry's, we've all seen them in medieval castles, so now expect to see in High street fashion.

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